Here at LED Monkey HQ we won’t rest until the whole country is fully kitted out with LED lighting! So, to help you in your decision to switch to LED, we’ve come up with this little guide to all its advantages and benefits!

They're More Energy-Efficient

LEDs consume many fewer Kw/h (Kilowatts-per-hour) of electricity than the light sources we’ve been using in our homes for years.

Indeed, an LED GU10 spotlight bulb requires only around 10% of the energy an equivalently bright halogen bulb would consume, making it a lot cheaper to run and saving you a great deal of money in the process.

One of the reasons for this is their incredibly efficient heat-sink which drives any harmful heat energy away from the LEDs themselves, thereby ensuring their long lifespan.

That's right, one of the reasons LEDs consume so much less energy than their conventional counterparts is that they waste less heat, as you'll see from the following video:

They Last a Lot Longer

An LED Light Bulb will last many times longer than a traditional halogen or incandescent bulb, and a longer lasting bulb will save you money.

Lady choosing light bulb in store

Fewer replacements also mean less inconvenience, as you won't need to keep shelling out for new bulbs or climbing up ladders to install them!

You can expect your LED bulb to outlast 4 – 5 CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and up to 20 of the old incandescent bulbs!

They're Perfect Replacement Bulbs

The vast majority of our LED bulbs can be used as direct replacements for your existing bulbs, which means there’ll be no hassle whatsoever when you’re switching to LED lighting!

Simply unscrew or disconnect your wasteful old light bulb and replace it with an up-to-date LED that will save you money! It really is that simple!

They're Kinder to the Environment

Unlike old-style halogens, LED Light Bulbs (B15s, B22s, E14s, E27s etc) and Spotlight Bulbs (GU10s, GU11s, MR16s, MR11s etc) contain no environmentally harmful elements.

Indeed, they work very differently to the mercury-based system employed by older bulbs, so they’ll never pollute the eco-system.

RoHS Compliant Stamp

When you're purchasing your LED light bulbs, check that they and their packaging carry the all-important RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) mark which means they're free of nasties like mercury!

Add to this the fact that LEDs are manufactured using 100% recyclable materials, and you have yourself an extremely eco-friendly lighting solution!

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