Over 12 million British households are currently overpaying for their electricity by around £300 a year, so no one can afford to waste money on inefficient lighting. LEDs are a partial solution to this problem, as you’ll see when you read this LED Monkey article…

UK Householders Struggling To Pay

The energy watchdog Ofgem stated that the price of the average household’s energy rose by a unbelievable 65% in the four years leading up to 2012. And, the ensuing years really haven’t been any better. Indeed, due to the huge increases of the last few years, many more British households are expected to suffer from “fuel poverty”.

A BBC News article sets out the Government’s plan for a stop-gap cap on energy prices. This will put an end to the overcharging of society’s most vulnerable people, at least temporarily.

However, it’s definitely not all doom-and-gloom. This is because you can significantly reduce your energy bills simply by replacing your existing incandescent and halogen light bulbs with super energy-saving LEDs. Many of these are A++ rated for efficiency!

Energy Rating Infographic

But how can transitioning to LED illumination help me reduce my energy bills, you may ask? Well, the simple answer is that LEDs consume up to 90% less energy than other types of bulb, and reduced energy consumption means smaller bills!

How Do They Do That?

Unlike incandescent bulbs that squander their energy by heating the surrounding air, LEDs convert most of their energy into light which, when you think about it, is the job of a light bulb, right?

Generating light without producing much heat means that LEDs can afford to operate at much lesser voltages than other types of bulb, and this energy saving is passed directly on to you in the form of lower energy bills.

Traditional bulbs like halogens and incandescents become extremely hot when in use, as you’ll know if you’ve ever touched one by accident. Indeed, at that point you’ll probably agree that heating a tungsten filament until it’s white-hot isn’t the best method of producing light, but it IS the most painful!

A light-hearted (excuse the pun!) experiment was carried out by a leading LED lighting company, which illustrates exactly how much more heat an old-fashioned bulb produces than an LED. Check out the video below:

This is not to say that LEDs don’t create a small amount of heat, however, the tiny amount they do give off is effectively dissipated by the ultra-conductive heat sink they’re equipped with. This protects the array of LEDs in the bulb and enables them to get on with their job.

Much Longer Lasting

Later in this article, you’ll see how much its possible to save on energy just by switching to LED as your primary light source. But energy savings aren’t the only way you’ll cut your costs when you use LEDs, because you’ll discover how these long-lasting bulbs will enable you to forget about buying replacement bulbs for many years to come.

Yes, LEDs last around 10 times as long as fluorescent bulbs and up to 20 times as long as their incandescent counterparts! A 50,000 hour lifespan equates to over 17 years of use, and that’s if you have your LEDs switched on for 8 hours EVERY day!

So How Much Can I Save?

LED bulb and pile of coins

To illustrate how much money you’ll be able to save on your electricity bills by switching to LED lighting, we’ve provided a hypothetical scenario that compares incandescent and LED B22s:

Let’s say you have 12 x 100-watt B22 incandescent bulbs in your home and they’re all switched on for 6 hours every day for a year.

That’s a total of 2,190 hours.

Using an online energy calculator, you’ll see that these conventional bulbs will cost £404.97, given the average UK fuel price as of June 2017.

A B22 LED bulb

However, if you replaced them with 12 x 14-Watt B22 LED Bulbs like the one pictured, your annual lighting energy costs would fall dramatically to £56.70.

This is a colossal saving of £348.27 in just ONE YEAR!

Another great thing about switching to LEDs is that they use much less energy while producing an equivalent number of lumens, so you won’t have to sacrifice the brightness of your rooms simply to save money. Brilliant!

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