If you’re a newcomer to the world of LED lighting – where have you been till now? LED technology is rapidly becoming the go-to lighting solution for people all across the UK. This is because of its advantages over other forms such as halogen and incandescent. But we’re here to talk about the benefits of LED Strip Lights! So, read this LED Monkey article for all the info you need…

LED strip lights are also known as LED tape. They come in the form of a flexible tape with a self-adhesive backing. The strips themselves boast a formation of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (LEDs) enclosed in a silicone sheath.

They have many different uses and applications, including providing accent illumination, task lighting and in a plethora of locations as a decorative lighting solution.

So, here are just a few of the many advantages of LED Strip Lights:

They’re Incredibly Energy Efficient

Strip Lights like all LED products are extremely energy-efficient, consuming around 90% less electricity than any other equivalently bright form of lighting. One of the reasons for this is that the LEDs mounted on the strips produce only a very tiny amount of heat in comparison to both halogen and incandescent light sources.

This is brilliantly illustrated in the video below!

In terms of lighting, heat is a wasteful by-product. It causes light sources to consume more energy than they need to and to wear out more quickly than necessary. Therefore, if you’re using LED strip lights as replacements for your existing light sources, you’ll notice how quickly your bills are reduced!

They Have a Much Longer Lifespan

As LED strip lights produce so little heat, they have an extremely long lifespan. This means you’ll have to replace them a lot less often than the conventional light sources you may be using.

Our LED Strip Lights have a life-expectancy of around 50,000 hours! Based on 8 hours of usage per day, this means they’ll still be working efficiently about 17 years from the day you first switch them on. This is more than twice the life-expectancy of halogen lights. And, 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs!

They’re Eco-Friendly

LED strip lights are extremely kind to the environment. Unlike fluorescent and incandescent lights, LED strip lights don’t contain any environmentally harmful toxic chemicals like mercury. LED strip lights are also manufactured using 100% recyclable materials. So, they’ll never need to end up as landfill which will significantly reduce your carbon footprint throughout their lifetime.

They Have Versatility Built-In

LED strip lights are extremely versatile and, quite literally, flexible. You can use them in a very wide range of applications such as at home. You can backlight your TV, display cabinet or provide under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

They can also be used outdoors in the garden, or even in the hot tub. This is provided you purchase the correct type with a high enough level of ingress protection. Indeed, LED strip lights provide opportunities to illuminate virtually any type of application, and because they’re literally flexible, they can be bent, cut and modified to suit installations of all shapes and sizes!

They Enable You Tailor Your Lighting Ambience

LED Strip Lights are available in a wide variety of colours and levels of brightness. For example, single colour LED strip lights emit a colour of your choice and can also be dimmed, which means they’re ideal to set the mood in a living space or bedroom.

There are single colour and RGB colour-changing LED strip lights in both 12-volt and 24-volt versions. There are also dual-colour, side emitting and LED pixel tape, so you’ll definitely find a type to suit all your lighting needs, whether they’re very simple or extremely complex.

The colour changing varieties of LED strip lights, as well as incorporating all the primary colours, can also produce both cool (6000K) and warm white (3000K) colour temperatures that will enable you to tailor the ambience of your room according to its function and your mood.

Simply put, LED strip lights represent one of the most practical and energy-efficient methods of lighting your home there is on today’s market. Versatile and cost-effective, they’ll change the way you light your spaces forever!

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