LED technology has come such a long way in a short space of time, that you might be a bit bewildered by it all. Indeed, LEDs now come in so many different shapes and sizes and there’s a type for every application you can think of, so here’s the LED Monkey guide to the best types of LED lighting for all the rooms in your home.

In Your Living Room

It’s everyone’s favourite room in the home, right? The living room's an all-purpose space where the family comes together. It's a space to chat, listen to music, watch telly and even sleep from time-to-time!

That’s why comfort and cosiness are usually watchwords for this particular room. LEDs will help you achieve them.

Ceiling the Deal

A selection of pendant lights

For instance, if you have a ceiling light, it’s important that you choose the correct type of LED light bulb(s) to fit it. Pick the right type of base or “cap” and remember that LEDs come in a variety of different colour temperatures. Each enables you to tailor the lighting ambience according to your preference.

Here in the UK, we’re a pretty traditional bunch. So, the most popular LED colour temperature option for the living room is Warm White (2700 – 3000K).

Replacing your old incandescent B22s and E27s with up-to-the-minute LED versions will give you a very similar, convivial lighting ambience. Not to mention, it'll save you up to 90% on your energy bills, too!

Why? Because LED bulbs like these consume only a tiny fraction of the energy. Yet, they are still able to generate the same number of lumens as traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Yes, due to the fact that they produce very little heat, they waste only a tiny proportion of their power, compared to conventional bulbs that squander around 90% of their energy when they become hot.

Yes, LEDs waste very little of their energy producing heat. You'll see this from the chocolate bunny video below:

What's on Telly?

Create a truly cinematic viewing experience by affixing LED Strip Lights to the rear of your television. Back-lighting is a simple yet visually stunning effect that can enhance your viewing experience considerably!

Installing LED tape

Yes, simply attach the LED strip using the strong adhesive tape on the back. Then, plug it into a wall socket or your TV’s USB port and achieve an incredible colour-changing lighting display to suit the programme or film you’re watching!

In Your Kitchen

Single colour LED strip lights are also very popular for use in the kitchen. If yours is the kind of family that enjoys evenings sitting around a kitchen island or breakfast bar, you'll only improve your experience by attaching a strip of LED lights beneath the plinth. Their brightness can be easily adjusted either up or down using a compatible remote control.

Cool White (6000K) is most often the LED colour temperature of choice for the kitchen. This is because it’s a bright, clinical type of light that makes everything look clean and fresh.

Not only that, but LEDs also emit no UV light. So, they don’t attract bugs and insects like old-school bulbs once did, which is great news for kitchens!

The Hallway & Stairs

LEDs on the staircase

The ubiquitous and versatile LED strip lights can be used to illuminate your stairs, too. Yes, just attach a short strip to each riser and you’ll never have to worry about tripping up or down the stairs in the dark again!

If you have the space above your ceiling to recess lighting, you may wish to have spotlights in your hallway and landing.

Ideal for this are the LED GU10 and MR16 replacement spotlight bulbs, that emit a light in a focused beam angle of between 38° and 120°.

Also available in a variety of colour temperatures, these LED bulbs have an incredibly long lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

This is brilliant, given the fact that halls, stairs and landings can be difficult to reach when a bulb needs to be replaced. Even if you have your landing lights switched on for 8 hours every night, you won’t have to replace these LED bulbs for more than 17 years!

In Your Bedroom

LED lighting in the bedroom

We have a huge selection of beautiful, LED-compatible lamps for your bedroom. This is another space in which people like to use the warm white colour temperature option.

However, there’s another choice in the shape of Daylight. At 4000K, Daylight occupies the middle ground between the two other LED colour temperatures and is being increasingly used in bedrooms, simply because it’s nice, natural form of light to wake up to!

Indeed, LED Daylight light bulbs with a high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) represent the closest approximation of naturally occurring light that’s currently available, so try it in your bedside lamp because it’s also excellent for bedtime reading!

In Your Bathroom

When you’re choosing your LED light bulbs for the bathroom, make absolutely certain they have a high enough level of ingress protection.

The packaging of our LED bulbs and compatible light fittings is clearly marked with their IP-Rating so you know whether the enclosure will  continue to function correctly if it becomes wet.

Safest to use in the bathroom are LED bulbs and fittings with an IP-Rating that’s between 44 and 67, so check before you buy!

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is best suited to the crystal clarity of a cool white LED light. It’s perfect for those tasks that you do not want to get wrong, like shaving!

In the Garden

LED strip lighting

There's a very wide selection of LED lights and bulbs on the market that are suitable for outdoor use. So, take advantage of them for the summer months and for security.

Again, LED strip lights can be used in the garden, provided you purchase those with a sufficiently high IP-Rating. IP-68 rated LED tape can be used with confidence in outdoor areas! This is because the strip is fully protected by a robust silicon sheath (see the pic on the left) that won’t let in water when it rains.

LED decking lights will make your garden decking look incredible. Available in a wide variety of different colours, LED decking lights will brighten up those balmy summer evenings. AND, reduce your electricity bills! They’re also a lot safer to walk on because they don’t become hot like halogens always did!

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With all this variety on offer, and the chance to reduce your environmental impact, too, it really is no wonder that so many astute people are beginning to switch over completely to LED lighting for all around their homes.

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