The kitchen provides an ideal opportunity to flex your creative muscles in the décor department. This is especially true since the advent of LED technology. So, here’s a list of the best ways to utilise it in the hub of your home…

Glass Cabinets/Display Cabinets

Installing LED Strip Lighting

In the kitchen, you may have glass-fronted cupboards or even a dedicated cabinet to house your best china or ornaments.

People are individuals, but everyone likes to see their collection properly displayed for all the world to see.

LED strip lights represent a quick and easy solution to illuminating the inside of a display cabinet. They’re available in a wide variety of types and colours to give you the exact effect you’re looking for!

White LED Strip Lighting

Simple to install using their strong self-adhesive backing tape, LED Strip Lights will last for years. And, they’ll actually save you money if you’re using them as replacements for incandescent or halogen cabinet lighting.

How do they achieve this? Well, they consume up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, so your lighting energy bill will fall accordingly. LEDs also very little heat. A such, you won’t be needlessly warming the inside of your cupboards or cabinets, either!

The fun chocolate bunny video below illustrates how little heat an LED light generates.

Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

Installing under cabinet LED strip lighting

While people have used fluorescent bulbs and halogen spotlights under their cabinets for years, LED technology now enables you to achieve exactly the same effect for an absolute fraction of the price and more conveniently, too!

As with the aforementioned in-cabinet lighting, you can simply affix LED strip lights to the underside of your cabinets. Once installed, they’ll definitely give your kitchen space a wow factor! This is especially so if you choose the colour-Kitchen lit with LEDschanging types like LED pixel tape.

As the kitchen can become quite damp with steam or splashing water, ensure that you opt for LED strip that has a sufficiently high IP-Rating. Anything from IP44 to IP67 will be absolutely fine for this purpose.

Alternatively, you could fix your LED tape in place with an aluminium profile. Especially manufactured to house and protect LED strip lights, aluminium profiles will ensure that your LED strip lights achieve their full 50,000-hour life expectancy and look amazing as well!

Recessed LED Lighting and Spotlights

LED spotlights simply belong in the kitchen. If you have sufficient space in which to recess your downlights, you really should give them a go.

They’ll give your space a wonderfully minimalistic, modern feel, while simultaneously being incredibly practical, too!

Providing an excellent level of brightness, spotlight bulbs such as the energy-efficient LED GU10 (pictured left) or the MR16 will provide just as many lumens of brightness as halogen models yet will cost 1/10th of the amount to run.

An LED Downlight

And what’s more, unlike the old halogen spotlights, LEDs are available in a variety of different colour temperatures, so you could install warm white (2700 – 3000K) LEDs above your dining table, while the food preparation area could be lit with cool white (6000K) LEDS – the former providing a cosy convivial glow and the latter a bright, clinical light that’s great for close work!

One room, three colour temperatures

Prior to purchasing your LED spotlights, it's a good idea to ensure you have sufficient to light your room size, as their lumen-output can vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer.

Large LED Light Fittings

Lighting accoutrements such as ceiling lights and wall and floor lamps can make an otherwise mundane space look amazing!

A retro styled LED bulb

With recent advances in LED technology, manufacturers have devised some gorgeous faux traditional LED light bulbs that can literally transform your kitchen space into an evocative steampunk environment. Use them with large industrial or utilitarian lamp shades to create a space with a Victorian theme, and dining areas will look spectacular too!

The “Steampunk” look is very popular in lighting right now, especially since these appropriately shaped LED bulbs came to the market.

And, they’re available in lots of different varieties, including those resembling retro radio valves (pictured below) and giant amber-coloured globes.

Retro radio valve LED bulbs

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