After a hard day, we all love coming home and throwing ourselves down on the couch in front of the telly! The living room is the part of the house where we can relax, entertain and otherwise chill, so the lighting has to be just right! Here’s LED Monkey’s guide to lighting your living room with LEDs…

Whether you’re watching the latest episode of Corrie, or just chatting away with friends and family, it’s important to have a variety of light sources in your living room. This is because you’ll want to tailor the lighting ambience to the type of room and the occasion.

LED Ceiling Lights

In the living room and in the bedroom you should definitely avoid installing overly bright, blueish light-emitting bulbs in your light fittings if possible.

That’s because the slightly harsher blue-tinged light of cool white (6000K) bulbs encourages our brains to produce serotonin. This hormone gives us energy. After all, the last thing we want at the end of the day is to feel wide awake. So, for your living room ceiling lights, go for LED bulbs that have a warm white colour temperature of 2700 - 3000K.

Modern living space lit with LEDs

LED bulbs like the LED B22 are retrofittable. This means you’ll easily be able to replace your current incandescent light bulbs with them. And, the warm white LED illumination will be very similar to the cosy glow you’re used to from your existing incandescent bulbs.

LED pendant lights

Adjustable LED Spotlights

Adjust your LED spotlights to your exact specifications, moving the heads to give you the perfect beam angle that will illuminate your wall-mounted artwork or family photos. They can also be affixed to the wall above your favourite easy chair, where they’ll be fantastic for reading in the evenings.

An LED 3-way spotlight fitting

Adjustable spotlight floor lamps are also available. These can be positioned in corners of the room where they’ll eliminate unwanted shadows and make the room seem larger.

Our bestselling LED spotlight bulbs are the LED GU10s. Some of these are even dimmable with LED-compatible trailing edge dimmer switches. It’s always wise to check on this before you purchase your LED replacement bulbs, just to ensure you get the right ones!

Trailing Edge Dimmer Switches

LED was once quite a primitive form of illumination. However, in the last few years the technology has come on in leaps and bounds. Formerly, LEDs couldn't be dimmed. But now, LED-friendly trailing-edge dimmer switches are coming to the fore, enabling you to adjust the lumen output of your lighting to suit your mood.

Trailing edge, LED-friendly dimmer switch

Install some of these low-voltage, trailing-edge dimmers in your lounge and you'll be able to create a lighting ambience for every occasion!

Plus, the new dimmers are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the crusty old ones you may be used to. So, take a look around for some good lookin' ones like those in the picture!

Lighting Your Display Cabinet with LEDs

If you have a display cabinet in your living room, you’ll want the things inside it to be visible and well…displayed. For this purpose you can use either small spotlight bulbs such as MR16s or some LED Strip Lights.

An LED MR16 spotlight bulb

Like all LEDs, the MR16s consume only a tiny fraction of the electricity required by halogen spotlight bulbs. This means you’ll save a considerable amount of money on energy when you begin to use them.

The warm white LEDs mentioned earlier create a cosy lighting ambience. However, you may wish to employ a slightly brighter colour temperature such as 4000K Daylight White for your display cabinet. This colour temperature will pick out the details of your displayed items exceptionally well.

Versatile LED Strip Lights

Cutting LED strip to length

LED strip lights are another excellent way to illuminate the inside of a display cabinet. And, they come in many different colours and varieties to give you exactly the effect you’re looking for!

They are simple to install using their strong self-adhesive backing tape. And, they can be easily cut to length at pre-marked spots on their surface. Thus, a display cabinet of any size or dimensions can easily be catered for.

TV backlit with LED tape

And, like the majority of our LED lights, they have an incredibly long life-expectancy of around 50,000 hours. This means that once they’re fixed into place, they’re there for at least 17 years!

In lighting terms, heat is a wasteful and destructive quality that shortens a bulb’s life and costs a fortune to run. LED bulbs and strip lights create very little in the way of heat and, as such, consume up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs. Thus, you’ll notice that you’ll need to replace your bulbs a lot less often AND they cost a lot less to run – about 90% less!

Check out this lighthearted video that illustrates the difference in the operating temperatures of LED and incandescent lights:

Better For The Environment Too!

All this saving on energy and replacements has a knock-on effect for the environment. Indeed, a home that solely uses long-lasting, energy-saving LED bulbs that are completely recyclable, will have a much smaller carbon footprint than one that’s lit with conventional light bulbs. So, remember, next time one of your light bulbs goes “POP!” be happy and replace it with an LED – it really makes sense!

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