Consumers here in the UK are soon going to find it very difficult to lay their hands on most types of Halogen gas-based light bulb, because of an EU edict that’s branded them inefficient. Read this LED Monkey article to find out what it's all about…

What's It All About?

An old fashioned halogen spotlight bulb

Britain has thus far resisted a widespread blanket EU ban of all halogen lights and bulbs.

However, the new measures take effect here from September 2018. But why are we taking such severe action in completely eradicating the halogen light bulbs we’ve been using for such a long time?

Well, one of the reasons is that they’re extremely expensive to run compared to an equally bright LED version.

AND, they consume an inordinately large amount of electricity for the light they produce. But, while they consume a comparable amount of energy to traditional incandescent light bulbs, they also last a similarly short time before they need replacing.

The new regulations will encourage consumers to switch to LED Bulbs. They cost a great deal less to run than traditional light bulbs and also last many times longer.

Indeed, most good quality LED light bulbs consume only one tenth of the power required by a similarly bright halogen spotlight. Not to mention, they'll continue to generate lumens for more than ten times longer!

Incredible Energy Savings!

As an example, if you were to have your kitchen lights switched on for 8 hours a day by six 50-watt halogen recessed ceiling spotlights, it would cost around £134.99 to run over the course of a year.

Kitchen lit with LEDs

On the other hand, if you illuminated the same space with by six equivalently bright LED 5.5-watt replacement bulbs, the cost would only be £14.85 over a yea. This is based on the average cost of electricity in the UK in June 2017.

That's a total saving of £120.14 per year in one room alone. So, just imagine the savings you could make across your entire home!

European Environmental Bureau Logo

A spokesperson for the European Environmental Bureau recently remarked:

“Having already conquered the commercial sector, LEDs are now set to take over in the home.

This is thanks to a dramatic crash in their retail price in recent years, combined with EU rules banning wasteful halogen spotlight bulbs from being placed on the EU market from today. This is all excellent news both for consumers and the environment.”

The Other Advantages of LED Lighting

His words were, of course, totally correct. Indeed, LEDs won’t just reduce the amount of electricity we consume in our homes, they’ll enable us to shrink our carbon footprint, too!

That’s because, unlike halogen bulbs, LEDs are manufactured using 100% recyclable materials. They also contain no environmentally harmful elements such as Mercury, either!

The environment has already begun to feel the beneficial effects of people’s switch to LED lighting. Yes, it’s estimated that by doing nothing other than replacing your conventional bulbs with LEDs, you can reduce your carbon footprint by a whopping 6 tons per year!

And that's not all because LED light contains no UV element, so they're kinder to the skin than halogens, better for health and keep bugs away in the summertime, too! With regard to the latter, check out this video! It shows how well an LED light fares against pesky bugs!

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