Since the advent of LED lighting technology, an ever-increasing number of people have begun to switch to LEDs. They’re also a lot more versatile and flexible, especially LED Strip Lights as you’ll see from this LED Monkey article LED Strip Lights - Everything You Need to Know.

Get the Right Ones!

When you're thinking of using LED Strip Lights in your home, you might believe that it's just a case of clicking on the first ones you see. 

However, they’re available in such a wide variety of types that it’ll definitely pay to give the matter some careful consideration before committing your hard-earned cash to the purchase in order to get just what you need!

Here are some Excellent reasons to choose LED Strip Lights.

They’re Energy-Efficient

LEDs generally are a lot more energy-efficient than other types of light source.

It’s a fact that they consume, on average, 80 – 90% less electricity than equivalently bright traditional light sources like incandescent and CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps).

This means that you’ll make enormous savings on your electricity bills! And, when you do decide to make the switch, you'll achieve a very fast return on your initial investment as a result!

They Last a Long, LONG Time!

Compared to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs have an incredibly long life-expectancy. Indeed, boasting an average life-expectancy of  up to 100,000 hours, LED strip lights will still be capable of lighting up your life many, many years from now, and that’s if you have them switched on for a good proportion of every night!

LED Strip Lights generate only a very small amount of heat in comparison to other types of light source. However, you will need to look after them in order to help them achieve their full potential.

You can install them using the strong adhesive tape on the back. However, it’s best to safeguard their diodes by using aluminium profiles, as they’ll effectively dissipate any heat they do produce when lit.

As you'll see from the photo, aluminium profiles come in a wide variety of widths to suit the type of LED tape you're using. These profiles will help you optimise your LED Strip’s beam angle.

This will ensure that you achieve exactly the right light placement. Not to mention, a professional looking installation that will last!

They’re Ultra Convenient

Cutting an LED strip

An absolute doddle to fit, you'll unpack your LED Strip Lights and they'll be working beautifully within minutes!

And, if they don’t quite fit your installation, you can cut them at predetermined points along their length. This might sound tricky, but you can cut LED strips using just a pair of kitchen scissors!

Things to Think About When Choosing LED Strip Lights

The first thing you’ll need to think about when you’re planning to buy some LED Strip Lights is what you need them to do for you. Obviously, you want them to provide light, but the whys and the wherefores will definitely help you choose the right type!

1. Are They For Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Yes, believe it or not, you can install LED Strip Lights outdoors as well as indoors. Just make sure you choose a type with a sufficiently high IP-Rating.

Blue outdoor LED strip lighting

Ingress Protection Ratings are there to ensure that your LED Strip Lights are able to withstand everything from a bit of dust to a dunking in the bath. For example, an LED strip with a high IP-Rating can be used in moderately wet areas such as the bathroom, shower room and kitchen, because they’re much more water-resistant than those with lower ratings.

Ingress Protection Ratings - The Facts

LED Monkey’s IP-Rated LED Strip Lights are covered with a silicon sheath that will deny entry to dust and water, so check out the table below to see exactly how much protection each rating will afford:

IP Rating Usage Guide
IP20 Protected against solid objects larger than 12mm, but not protected at all from water. This type of LED strip is most often used to illuminate display cabinets and to provide backlighting for televisions.
IP44 Full protection against solid objects larger than 1mm and from light splashes of water from any direction. As such, this level can be safely used for indoor applications, as well as those outdoor in relatively well sheltered areas.
IP65 Protected against splashing water, this level of protection is best suited to bathrooms and shower rooms, in which it will be exposed to water and steam. LED Strip Lights with this level of protection can also be used outdoors to light gardens and patios.
IP67 Completely protected against dust, this type of LED Strip Light can be fully immersed in 1-metre of water for up to half an hour.  This makes it the ideal level of protection for all outdoor applications such as hot tubs and gazebos
IP68/IP68 Nano Fully protected against water, this type of LED Strip Light can be immersed in water for an indefinite length of time, which makes it perfect for use in swimming pools and garden ponds.

2. How Bright Do They Need to Be?

LED lighting technology really has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. And now, the tiny light-emitting diodes are able to generate more light than ever before!

White LED tape

Nowadays, the brightness of a light is determined by its Lumens and not its wattage as before, which means you’ll need to think about the overall number of lumens your LED Strip Light can produce in terms of where you’d like to use it.

Here’s a table which gives you the approximate number of lumens that each type of installation will require:

Type of Installation Number of Lumens Required
Accent Lighting 150 – 250 Lumens per Metre
Under-Cabinet Lighting 175 - 450 Lumens per Metre
Task Lighting (close to source) 250 - 450 Lumens per Metre
Task Lighting (distant from source) 350 - 700 Lumens per Metre
Indirect Lighting 375 - 575 Lumens per Metre
Signage 500 - 750 Lumens per Metre

3. Which Colour(s) Do You Need?

Being a particularly versatile type of illumination, LED Strip Lights come in a massive variety of different colours and colour combinations. Here’s a list of the various types and what they can do for you:

Colour-changing RGB LED strip lighting

Single Colour – Available in 12v and 24v varieties, single colour LED Strip Lights come in red, green, blue and pink, as well as warm (3000K), cool (6000K) and daylight (4000K) white colour temperatures, so it’s perfect for all general lighting applications.

Dual Colour – Able to produce sequenced warm and cool white colours, this 14.4-watt LED Strip Light is ideal for any type of domestic or commercial setting. Generating an enormous 1020 lumens per metre, it’s easily able to replace a traditional 80-watt incandescent bulb while consuming a tiny fraction of its energy.

RGB Colour 12V – This Red, Green & Blue LED strip light comes in both 7.2-watt and 14.4-watt varieties. Its colour-changing/colour combination abilities that can illuminate a space with the entire colour spectrum. This makes it perfect to use as either party or mood lighting.

RGBW – This style of LED tape creates similar effects to those of RGB. But it has the added bonus of cool or warm white colour temperature options. This will enable you to achieve an even wider selection of colours using an RGBW LED Remote Controller.

4. Which Colour Temperature Do You Need?

The various colour temperatures you’ll be able to achieve with your LED Strip Lights will enable you to tailor the lighting ambience of your room according to its function and your preference.

1 room, 3 LED colour temperatures

Check out the table below to see the most common uses for each colour temperature:

Colour Temperature Recommended Application
Warm White (2700 - 3000K) Most people like to use a warm white colour temperature in their relaxation or family-orientated rooms. Thus, you’ll most often find its mellow glow lighting living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms.
Daylight (4000K) The most naturalistic of the colour temperatures. Daylight is the closest approximation of outdoor light and is used for offices, studies and classrooms.
Cool White (6000K) Cool white is best suited to functional areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It has a clinical quality that’s ideal for task-related activities and close work.

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