LED Lighting is exceptionally versatile and cost-effective. Here at LED Monkey, we’re all about making things easier for you around your home. So, here’s our essential guide to using LED illumination in your bathroom…

While you may already have some LEDs in your living room and kitchen, the bathroom is a space that’s often forgotten and neglected when it comes to lighting. That’s a shame because, with LEDs, you have so much scope and a massive variety to choose from.

Mirror In The Bathroom

The bathroom mirror, for example, is a prime location for LED lighting. A wicked, professional-looking installation is incredibly easy to achieve! Back-light your mirror or mirrored bathroom cabinet using LED Strip Lights and you’ll notice that your morning or evening beauty regime becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Simply affix a length of Cool White (6000K) or Daylight White (4000K) LED Tape to the rear side of your mirror. This will provide you with more than ample illumination to moisturise, exfoliate or shave by!

Take the Stress Out of Your Day!

These two particular colour temperatures are best suited to tasks and close-work such as shaving, because they’re both bright and penetrative. While the cool white is particularly clinical, the daylight option represents the most accurate approximation of natural sunlight there is!

The LED Strip Lights we supply can easily be cut-to-length with a pair of scissors at pre-marked locations all along their length. So, customising them to your exact specifications really shouldn’t be an issue.

LED Energy-Efficiency & Longevity

LED strip lights are incredibly energy-efficient and long-lasting. LED lights and bulbs consume just a tiny fraction of the electricity required by the wasteful halogen or incandescent bulbs you may currently be using in your bathroom. As such, they'll help you reduce your lighting energy bills. They'll effectively pay for themselves within the very first year!

Not only will they save you money, many LED products are available with a Ingress Protection Ratings high enough to ensure they’re not adversely affected by any moisture in the air.

With properly thought-out lighting, your bathroom can brighten up your mornings and help you unwind after a tough day. It’s important to ensure that you create a proper balance of both bright and mellow light. Your bathroom is not only a place to get up and ready for the day ahead, but also a place to relax those tired muscles and chill out in the evenings!

Therefore, if you have an LED-compatible ceiling light in your bathroom, why not install a retrofittable LED bulb in a soothing warm white (2700 – 3000K) colour temperature? This will create a soft ambience and a tranquillity in the room that will be conducive to relaxation.

You'll relax even more when you realise that you won’t need to change it for around 17 years! That’s right, our LED bulbs have a 20,000 to 50,000 hour expected lifespan. So, you’ll be able to forget about replacing them for many years to come!

LED Spotlights

If you have a suspended or “drop” ceiling in your bath or shower room, recessed LED spotlights or downlights are definitely something to consider. We stock all manner of LED spotlight bulbs like GU10s and MR16s, as well as a huge selection of recessed light fittings. You won’t be short on choices when the time comes for you to update your lighting décor!

And, as you'll see in the photo, many of our recessed LED spotlights and downlights are adjustable. So, you'll be able to achieve the perfect light coverage and maximise the LED bulb's beam angle.

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