It doesn’t matter if you have a small back yard or an acre of space, it will look a whole lot better if it’s properly lit in the evenings. So, we at LED Monkey have come up with a few ideas in our Guide to Outdoor LED Lighting...

The Various Types of Outdoor LED Lighting

There are many different types of LED lighting that will enhance your outdoor space immensely. Here are just a few to whet your appetite…

LED Decking Lights

For starters, if you’re thinking of installing some decking to the rear of your property, we recommend colourful LED decking lights. They’ll be just the thing for those balmy summer evenings.

Simple to install and extremely energy-efficient, LED decking lights generally come in two sizes. Each size comes with a different wattage to suit your lighting requirements.

The smaller of the two are the 15mm variety.

They’re available in red, green, blue, purple and white, as well as a mellow warm white colour temperature that’s great for evening relaxation.

Consuming a minuscule amount of electricity per LED, you'll need to cut a 10mm hole in your decking to seat these lovely little lights!

With 5 metres of cable from the plug to the first light and then 1.5 metres between each subsequent light, eben a small set will cover quite a large area.

In sets of 6, 10 or 20 x 15mm lights, they’re equipped with IP65 protection rating that makes them completely safe to use around liquid.

Not only that, they generate very little heat when they're switched on. This makes them a lot safer to walk on with bare feet than any of their halogen counterparts!

But if these aren’t quite bright enough for you, there are some that produce more lumens in the shape of the 40mm/3.5-Watt variety.

With all the same vibrant colours available, these LED decking lights are essentially just more powerful versions that will be perfect for the larger outdoor area.

LED Floodlights

A truly brilliant replacement for your old halogen models, LED floodlights come in many types.

Each type comes with different features and capabilities. They’re easy to install and robust, so they’ll last a long time however harsh or unwelcoming the environment.

An LED Floodlight

Indeed, you can expect the integral LEDs to last for upwards of 50,000 hours. This means you won’t have to clamber up a stepladder to replace them for many years to come!

Boasting an IP65 Ingress Protection rating and suitable For general outdoor use, there’s the standard variety. It has an integral, incredibly bright LED on-board to light your way through the darkness.

Even the smallest of them gives off a serious amount of light! Indeed, the 10-Watt model can emit as much light as a standard 100-Watt halogen floodlight bulb. And, at the top end of the scale, a 200-Watt LED floodlight emits 16,000 lumens - as many lumens as a 20,000-Watt halogen!

As such, you’ll stand to save a considerable amount of money on your electricity expenditure when you switch to LED lighting outdoors!

A colourful outdoor LED lighting setup

RGB Colour Changing Lights

To create an al fresco party atmosphere, you’ll want to take a look at some incredible RGB LED floodlights. Many come complete with their own, dedicated RF (Radio Frequency) remote controller that has a range of up to 100 metres.

These RGB floodlights can create gorgeous colour-changing displays of light. They're sure to make any evening soiree go with a bang, not a whimper.

An LED RF remote controller

Also super-powerful, RGB floodlights typically have a wide 120° beam angle that will drive out those night time shadows and set the party mood perfectly. And, with an RF remote, you won't even need to have a direct line-of-sight to the signal receiver.

This means you'll be able to mingle with your guests and control the lighting wherever you are in the crowd! For the security-conscious, the choice just has to be an LED motion-sensor floodlight or two to the rear of the property.

An LED floodlight with integral sensor

A built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) motion-sensor detects the slightest movement within a 15-metre perimeter and automatically switches on the powerful 120° beam.

There are also LED floodlights equipped with what's known as "Dusk-to-Dawn" sensors. The sensor detects fluctuations in the level of ambient light, and switches the light on and off accordingly. This means you'll never need to wonder if you've switched the light off when you're half way to work, as it will have done so automatically!

As such, you'll be able to deter burglars, reduce your energy-consumption, lower your home insurance premiums and have general peace-of-mind all in one fell swoop, when you install an LED floodlight on your property!

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights represent the ultimate in versatility and there are many different types to choose from. Great for use all around the interior of your home, you can install them very quickly and easily outdoors. However, you'll need to ensure you choose those with a sufficiently high ingress protection rating.

If you’re thinking of using some inside your conservatory, for example, you’ll probably only need to go for an IP20-rated LED strip. This is because it has no protection against water.

One the other hand, you can use the IP65-rated LED strips outdoors in all types of weather.

Blue LED strip lights outdoors

It boasts a durable layer of silicone which that ensures that splashing water doesn’t affect the surface-mounted LEDs. However, the IP65-rated LED strip lights are only water resistant, not completely waterproof. So, it's advisable to use them in conjunction with the appropriate type of aluminium profile to achieve the best, longest-lasting results.

Why not enliven your gazebo, summer house or garden shed with some RGB or RGBW LED strip lights? When set up correctly, you'll be able to control them with an appropriate remote, which will allow you to achieve wonderful, colour-changing lighting displays!

The Advantages of LED Strip Lights

Cutting an LED strip with scissors

The advantages of using LED strip lights are manifold. One is that they’re incredibly easy to install thanks to their self-adhesive backing tape.

However, for a more permanent installation, you could use some simple aluminium profiles and light diffusers. This will give your work a really professional finish.

Another great feature of LED strips is that you can cut them very easily using just a pair of scissors. This means that there’s no installation too large or too small for you to contemplate!

LED Bollard & Spike Lights

Bollard lights really are all the rage right now, and can add a certain je ne sais quoi to the outside of your property. Some are fashioned to look like tall, retro lamp posts while others are ultra-modern. Whichever you decide on for your outdoor space, ensure that you have the correct LED bulb to fit it and that you choose the colour temperature to suit your requirements.

Two LED bollard lights

In the main, this type of fitting will require an E27 LED light bulb, which comes in both warm white (3000K) and cool white (6000K).

The warm white has a very similar quality to that of an old incandescent light bulb in that it’s muted and yellowish, while the cool white is a bright and penetrative colour temperature that will be ideal for late-night gardening!

LED Spike lights are available in all shapes and sizes too, and can often be driven easily into soft ground or wall-mounted for making them incredibly versatile. While some have a static fitting, others can be easily adjusted to shine wherever you like in the garden, to give you great general illumination.

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