Here at LED Monkey, we’re always trying to make things easier for you. We know that many people are quite new to the flexible wonders that are LED Strip Lights. So, that’s the reason we’ve created this blog about cutting your LED Strip Lights…

Can I Cut It?

Now that LED strip lights are becoming so popular, one of the questions we’re most often asked is “Can I cut my LED strip lights (a.k.a “LED Tape”) and, if so, where?

The answer to this question is two-fold. The first part being “YES, you CAN cut your LED strip lights very easily using nothing more complicated than a pair of household kitchen scissors!”

The second part of our reply is slightly more complicated, but still quite easy to get your head around.

Okay – Where?

See, there are various types of LED tape. Each has a different number of SMDs (Surface-Mounted Diodes – the things that emit light when an electrical current is passed through them) attached to it.

  • LED Strips that have 30 SMDs per metre can be cut at intervals of 10cm;
  • LED Strips that have 60 SMDs per metre can be cut at intervals of 5cm;
  • And, LED Strips that have 120 SMDs per metre can be cut at intervals of 2.5cm.

Obviously, there’s an exception that proves the rule (isn’t there always?), and that’s RGBW LED Tape (Colour-changing Red, Green, Blue & White). This tape has 60 SMDs per metre, but can be cut at intervals of 10cm thanks to their placement on the strip.


Don’t worry though, as the cutting point is well marked and very easy to see. You’ll have no trouble whatsoever identifying it! Just for reference, you’ll see a thin, straight line across the strip, usually clearly distinguished by the  icon.

When you’re installing LED strip lighting in and around your home or business premises, you’ll want to make the job look as neat and precise as possible. To do so, you might be tempted to cut your tape in a place other than where it’s marked.

For instance, if you’re backlighting your tv in the living room, there could be a small amount of LED strip left over at the end that you might just want to snip off.

While this can be done, we wouldn’t advise it as you might damage the individual light-emitting SMDs. LED tape is really flexible and can simply be folded over and concealed if there’s no cutting point handy.

Make The Connection!

However, if that’s not an option and you do need to cut where there’s no cutting point, just give us a call first on 0800 999 7797. One of our experts will be happy to guide you through the process!

We also offer a free-of-charge cutting service. So, if you’re not confident to snip your LED tape yourself, just ask!

To connect the cut ends of your LED strip lights, you can either solder them or use some of our solderless connectors.

We have a massive selection on offer and they’ll give your installation a really professional look! There are corner connectors, three-way T-connectors and simple two-way connectors for the easiest of joins. So, why not check out the full range right now?

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