Modern life can be hectic and many of us have stressful jobs that leave us exhausted at the end of the day. It’s essential then, that we have a restful and relaxing environment to come home to, and the bedroom should be one place we can count on to provide that. While there are many ways to ensure that our bedrooms are conducive to good R & R, getting the lighting just right is one of the absolute essentials as you’ll discover from this LED Monkey blog

Light Can Sometimes Be Bad


Studies have shown that darkness is essential to achieve a proper sleep pattern, leading to what’s known as good “sleep hygiene”. Adequate darkness sends electrical impulses to the brain, informing it that it’s time to relax and chill. That’s why people who find it difficult to nod off use blackout curtains and blinds to help keep intrusive light from confusing their brains into thinking it’s time to wake up!

Sleep specialists also recommended that you prepare your body physiologically for sleep by avoiding exposure to the bright screens of computers, tablets and mobile phones.


This can be achieved with blackout curtains and blinds, but you can also reduce a room's light intensity using dimmable LED bulbs and up-to-date LED-friendly dimmer switches.

Ceiling the Deal!

In your main bedroom ceiling light, for example, you might want to try switching your existing incandescent light bulbs for some dimmable LED B22s or E27s. These low-voltage LED light bulbs are completely retrofittable, so they’ll simply replace the incandescent bulbs you currently have in your light fittings.


Make sure you choose the best quality LEDs with the highest CRI (Colour Rendering Index) rating and the best lumens-to-watts ratio, in order to maximise their efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Not only will the adjustable LED light be kinder to your tired, bedtime eyesight, it will also make it easier to achieve a level of illumination that’s conducive to sleep.

Cool (and warm) Colour Temperatures!

Unlike many traditional incandescent light bulbs that come in just one colour, LED light sources like the B22 and E27 bulbs are available in a variety of colour temperatures.

Each colour temperature will give you the opportunity to tailor your room’s light in a variety of different ways, with the warm white (2700 – 3000K) being the firm favourite for bedrooms.


While the pristine, clinical brightness of cool white (6000 – 6500K) is excellent for task-centric environments like the kitchen and the bathroom, LED warm white light creates a relaxing ambience that will help you to wind down after a long, hard day and prepare your mind for sleep.


If you have bedside lights that require either an E14 or a B15 light bulb, these too can be upgraded to LED versions, and like all LEDs they’re a whole lot more cost-effective to run than their incandescent predecessors!

Yes, they consume just a fraction of the energy that would usually be sucked up by a standard incandescent light bulb, but they’re able to generate exactly the same number of lumens!

Sounds too good to be true, right, but running an 3-Watt LED equivalent of a 35-Watt incandescent bulb will help you save up to 90% on your energy bills and will also reduce your carbon footprint in the process, and if that doesn’t help you sleep easy in your bed, nothing will!


Employing the right light bulbs in your bedroom isn’t just about improving the quality of your sleep, because it can also help you to set the mood, be it for a romantic rendezvous or just for an evening in watching the telly.

LED Stripped Down!

Indeed, for your bedroom TV, your full-length wall mirror or for your glamorous dressing table, there’s nothing better to provide relaxing backlighting than LED strips. Incredibly versatile and simple to use, LED strip lights come in a massive variety of different types and will provide a fast and convenient way to illuminate your room and generate some incredibly chilled-out lighting effects.


Simplest of them all is the single colour LED strip light or “tape”. It comes in all different colours and a variety of different wattages and voltages to suit the type of mood lighting you want to create.

It can simply be attached to the back of your TV or to a mirror using the 3M adhesive provided, where it will provide mellow mood lighting that won’t be too obtrusive.

Like the aforementioned single colour LED tape, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour changing LED tape can be cut to length using just a pair of household scissors, making it simple to backlight even the largest or smallest of bedroom TVs both quickly and accurately. However, the RGB tape can be made to generate a whole host of wonderful colours and hues to match your ever-changing moods, using an RGB IR (Infra Red) remote controller!


And what’s more, once you’ve installed your LED strip lighting, you can forget about changing your bedroom incandescent bulbs every five minutes when they blow, because it has a life-expectancy of up to 100,000 hours which equates to around 20 years of great moods!

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