Nowadays, the home office is much more than just a place to work. It can also be a place where we go to relax, read and catch up on our e-mails. As such, the lighting needs to be just right. Here’s our LED Monkey blog which tells you How to Light Your Home Office Space with LEDs...

While the lighting in a commercial office setting needs to be fixed at a single level to promote a professional atmosphere, home office lighting can be adjusted to reflect the individual's personality.

Indeed, in your home office, you're free to create different levels of light which enhance the design and ambience of the rest of your home. And, because it’s a private space, you can afford to be a little more adventurous.

LED Pendant Lights

There are literally thousands of of different types of LED pendant lights to choose from for your home!

For instance, you could choose to install an LED pendant light above your desk to provide illumination to work by. Why not make a statement and go for something really bold? There are many options to choose from. But make sure you choose the correct colour temperature for your needs.

If you’ll be doing lots of close work in your home office space, cool white might be the best colour temperature to use.

Bright and clinical, 6000K cool white enables us to check the small print very effectively. However, it’s not the most convivial colour temperature in the world.

At the other end of the spectrum, 3000k warm white is exceptionally welcoming but not especially great for close work. So, is there a happy medium? Yes, and it comes in the form of the 4000k daylight colour temperature.

A modern trailing edge dimmer switch

Daylight really does offer the best of both worlds. It incorporates not just the brightness you’ll need to work but also a feeling of welcome, too.

Installing an LED-friendly, trailing-edge dimmer switch in your home office will enable you to adjust the lighting ambience of your room and regulate the power consumption of your dimmable LED bulbs, too. As such, you’ll not only reduce your energy bills, you’ll also be able to kick back and relax when the work’s all done!

LED Downlights

Fortunately, LED technology has come on in such leaps and bounds that there’s now a new type of LED downlight that can be switched between the three colour temperatures to suit your mood and activity!

LED Downlights will give your home office a minimalistic feel which can't be achieved with any other type of light fitting.

They also light a space perfectly according to your needs, provided you install the correct number for the room's dimensions.

While it’s important to ensure there’s sufficient space above your ceiling to recess them, models are available with what’s known as a “short can” – the body of the fitting being much shorter than conventional downlights.

Cutting holes in your ceiling to install downlights creates small holes through which fire can spread. As such, certain types of LED downlight are fire-rated and will give you and your family an extra 90 minutes to evacuate your home should the unthinkable ever occur.

In fact, we recommend that you seriously consider installing fire-rated LED downlights in your home office space. Their benefits significantly outweigh the small extra cost.

Generally, LED downlights require a GU10 LED spotlight bulb. Check the packaging to find out how many lumens your chosen bulb emits.

And, don't forget to install the right number to light your room adequately!

LED Task Lighting

Great for the desk area of your home office, LED task lighting will have a concentrated beam angle. This will, in turn, help you concentrate!

Task lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. But for sheer versatility, we heartily recommend a good old-fashioned desk lamp. However, since the advent of LED technology, desk lamps aren't the old-fashioned items they once were. They now come in a dizzying variety of styles to suit your décor!

An LED Anglepoise-style desk lamp

Whether you’re a lover of up-to-the-minute designs or prefer the retro aesthetics of an LED Anglepoise-style desk lamp, you’ll find one that’s just right for you. Check the type of bulb it requires and make sure you choose one with the correct base.

Most often used in desk lamps are the E14 or E27 LED reflector bulbs. These bulbs easily screw in and represent excellent replacements for your existing halogen light bulbs. Not only are they a great deal more energy-efficient, they also last a lot longer saving you the time, money and energy of having to buy new bulbs every few months.

If you have shelves or a cabinet above your desk, you could use LED strip lighting to create task lighting. Extremely versatile and cost-effective, LED strip lights or “tape” can be installed in a matter of moments using the self-adhesive tape on the back.

It can also be cut to length very easily using nothing more complicated than an ordinary pair of scissors, so there’s no space too large or too small to use it.

In fact, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not back-light your computer monitor with a length of colour-changing LED tape? It looks amazing in the dark and it can be powered directly from your USB port!

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