Wondering where all of our products come from? Find out a little bit more about the suppliers we use and why we use them here at LED Monkey. From award-winning manufacturers to innovative and cutting-edge designs.

Collingwood Lighting

Founded in 1901, Collingwood Lighting is situated in Northamptonshire at the very heart of the UK and produces insightful, agile and inventive lighting designs.

With a drive to keeping products up to date in an ever-changing technological world, their forward-thinking approach keeps them at the forefront of lighting design and manufacture.


In 2002, Collingwood entered the LED lighting world after nearly 100 years of lighting innovation. They employ only the best designers and manufacturers who create an array of lighting products including LED strip lights, bollard lights, wall lights and downlights which they present exquisitely in a gallery of their products in use.

As you can see in the garden image, Collingwood Lighting specialise in stunning outdoor lighting that can transform large, dull spaces into well-lit atmospheric areas that are ideal for entertaining.

You can keep up with Collingwood by following their blog which is regularly updated!

GE "General Electric"

Calling themselves the future of lighting, GE Lighting was founded by Thomas Edison back in 1890 after he invented the very first commercial incandescent light bulb!

Boasting 130 years of lighting innovation, they now stock a huge range of LED bulbs that come in specific ranges for consumer ease. This includes a Premium range, a Smart range and a Start range which are all tailored to excel in different areas from energy efficiency to affordability through to premium performance.


They aim to introduce lighting which can be used easily and intelligently to brighten up dark environments.

GE electric believe that they have introduced a new age of lighting and most recently in 2017, they launched their High Definition LED Lighting.

Their new HD LED bulbs have a much higher CRI (colour rendering index) which means they can achieve greater colour contrast and boldness than the typical bulb. Not only can using this new HD bulb highlight features in a room to make them look better, they also have the beneficial energy savings and long lifespans of an LED!

Ecopac Power and Mean Well

Established in 1982, Mean Well is one of the leading switching power supply manufacturers in Taiwan who work in conjunction with Ecopac Power to distribute their power supplies in the UK.

Ecopac Power has the largest range of AC-DC power supplies in the UK. From their warehouse and workshop located in Buckinghamshire, they distribute Mean Well power supplies all over the country.

Power supplies are vital to the lighting and electrical industry as they are used to convert the electric current from the source of energy into the correct voltage, current and frequency for the electrical load they are powering.

According to a 2018 report by Micro Technology Consultant, Mean Well were rated 3rd in global power supply (DC output) makers. The founder of Mean Well is quoted on their website as saying:

"The mission of any power supply company should be to engender the utmost confidence in both the technology and quality of its products."

Mean Well Europe was first established in The Netherlands back in 2006. Since then, they have become a leading distribution centre for switch mode power supplies in Europe!

Red Arrow

Red Arrow is a large electrical and lighting importer and distributor with a 100,000 square foot warehouse! They pride themselves on both the quality and price of the products that they distribute.

Red Arrow

Based in Sheffield, Red Arrow stock a long list of lighting products from emergency and outdoor lighting to downlights and cabinet lighting amongst much more.


Leomay aims to "Provide High Quality LED Light and Professional Service for All Customers" and was established in 2011.

Despite being established fairly recently, the impressive company factory is located in China and is comprised of workshops, warehouses and show rooms that all work in harmony to produce high quality products.

strip lights

These products are then put through advanced LED luminaire manufacturing and test facilities to ensure that they produce only the best LED lighting.

Leomay specialise in producing smart LED strip lights which are especially useful in illuminating dark cupboards and areas around the home or office, as well as emphasising focus points.

Selling their products in over 30 countries and regions, Leomay are committed to producing high quality lighting products that keep to CE, RoHS, EMC and UL standards.


Specialising in switches, sockets and dimmers, Varilight is the brand name of Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd. A leading British manufacturer of dimmer switches, Varilight is proud to add contemporary decorative finishes to their products such as Brushed Steel and Georgian Brass making them stand out from the market.

They hope to lead the market in creating trendy decorative finishes across their exhaustive range of products. Despite these additional touches, the brand aims to be synonymous with important aspects of technological manufacturing such as quality, value and innovation.


The evolution of the LED-friendly dimmer switch has been pushed forward by Varilight with the development of V-Pro and V-Com intelligent dimmers, as well as remote control versions with awe-inspiring scene setting capabilities.

In light of their constant innovation, Doyle and Tratt Products Ltd. were honoured with The Queen's Award for Enterprise on two occasions.

They first received the award in 2006 in the category of "Continuous Innovation and Development" and again in 2015 in recognition of their efforts towards innovation in lighting control.

Not to mention, Varilight has also been inundated with industry awards, winning the "Innovation in Lighting Design" award at 100% Design in 2007 and becoming a finalist in "Decade of Design" at the Lighting Design Awards just five years later.


Trendiswitch is aptly-named as it provides us with a particularly modern set of switches, sockets and dimmers that will undoubtedly bring bags of style to any room.

The sleek design of the switches is unrivalled by anything that we've seen so far. With thin silver switches accompanied by a smart, coloured base, they are ideal for adding a touch of style to a historically boring item.


There are a variety of trendy colours to choose from including; gloss white, gloss silver, piano black and matt black, as well as deep red and a luxurious champagne gold! These colours seem to have been chosen specifically for their high-spec feel making them highly popular.

Alongside the switches, Trendiswitch also design sockets and dimmers in a similarly elegant manner to create a collection of complementary products. You can stay in touch with Trendiswitch and their events by following their news posts, here!

Now you know a little more about the suppliers and companies that we work with to bring you the very best products that are at the forefront of innovative design and manufacture.