Another addition to our "Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting" Series following energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness and long-lasting capabilities, we have the sheer amount of money you could be saving! Yes, by switching to LED lighting as opposed to traditional forms of lighting, you could stand to save plenty of £££s!

To illustrate, we have devised a clear and helpful hypothetical scenario. It compares equivalent incandescent and LED B22s to show you the real savings that you could stand to make, not just random figures we've plucked out of thin air.

Money-Saving Example

If you currently have 12 x 100-watt B22 incandescent bulbs in your home and they’re all switched on for 6 hours every day for a year, this would be a total of 2,190 hours.

Using an online energy calculator, one incandescent would cost you £21.90 to run during this period, and the full 12 would set you back a mammoth £262.80!

However, using just one LED 14-watt B22 bulb for the same amount of hours per year would only cost you a minimal £3.07! And, 12 of these LED B22 bulbs would cost just £36.84.

The difference, therefore, in energy costs between 12 LED and 12 incandescent bulbs, is a whopping £225.96 in favour of our fabulous LEDs!! Imagine saving that much in one year, purely on your light bulbs!?

Whilst it is true that initially, LED bulbs tend to cost more than incandescent bulbs based on retail price, they more than make up for it with how long they last.

By way of illustrating, LED's tend to last anywhere between 25,000-50,000 hours! In easy to understand terms, this means that should you use them for 8 hours each day, they should still last you a gargantuan 8.6-17.2 years! Just imagine, no changing light bulbs for over a decade!

This is a stark contrast to all the incandescent bulbs which are often sold with a life expectancy of just 1,000-2,000 hours. Using these bulbs for 8 hours each day would only last you on average for six months.

Their super long life expectancy combined with their low-energy consumption, makes LEDs a money-saving dream! So, why not have a think about changing to LEDs the next time your incandescent gives up the ghost or you receive a particularly high energy bill?

It may be a small investment to start with, but soon enough they'll pay for themselves and you'll begin saving lots of money on your energy bill.

Introducing LED Monkey!

The LED Monkey

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