If you've ever shopped for light bulbs (either online or in shop) you'll be all too familiar with the barrage of technical and confusing words that are used to describe them! From Watts and Volts to Lumens, there are so many terms to consider. To help you out, we are on a mission to demystify the jargon so you know exactly what you're buying.

Two marks that you'll find on all our lighting products is the CE and the RoHS certification. Join us as we explain what they really mean and why they matter!

CE Certification

CE or "Conformité Européenne"  is a mark that we're used to seeing on a whole host of products that we use every day. From the food we eat to our energy-efficient light bulbs, any company wishing to trade or import products in Europe, must abide by the regulations set out under the CE certification.

In order to be sold in Europe, all products need to meet a certain standard. This is for our general health and safety and these specific requirements are vital in achieving the CE certification.

For lighting, such requirements might also include having an IP rating and being fire-rated. As well as this, they also meet a list of directives applied to all products sold in Europe.

Only after these products have been shown to meet CE requirements, are they allowed to be sold in the European Economic Area. So, it's very important to us that all our products meet these requirements for your safety and peace of mind.

RoHS Certification

RoHS stands for 'Restriction of Hazardous Substances' and was bought in to limit the amount of harmful, toxic chemicals that products can contain.

And, RoHS is another certification that our LED bulbs abide by! As illustrated by the green leaf that is often displayed with the RoHS mark. This symbol indicates that there are little or no toxic chemicals in the product.

So, all of our LED bulbs are guaranteed to contain no nasty chemicals! This includes mercury. Mercury is known to damage ecosystems and the environment and is still found in small quantities in CFL bulbs.

When you see this symbol on our eco-conscious LED bulbs, you'll know that you won't be releasing any toxic chemicals into the Earth or your home should they accidentally break.

Now you know a little more about the certifications that support our wonderful bulbs! You can go forth and shop with confidence!

Introducing LED Monkey!

At LED Monkey, we take pride in all of the products we sell, so we make sure that they each and every one of our products either meet or go above and beyond health and safety requirements!

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