When you hear the word 'driver' you probably don't think of the power supply kind! We expect your mind goes straight to the kind of driver that you find in a car. However, we are here to emphasise the importance of power supply LED drivers and to answer the question: LED Drivers: What the Heck Are They?

What Is An LED Driver?

An LED DriverSo, what exactly are LED drivers? Well, they are electrical units used to 'step down' the power supply from your 240V mains supply to a lower voltage (normally 12 or 24V) that one or more LEDs can handle. They are essential in regulating the LED's power supply to avoid damage to its circuitry.

Ultimately, an LED driver is a self-contained unit which has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of the LED. A typical driver might look very similar to the one shown in the picture above.

What Do They Do?

But this may have you wondering why these drivers need to convert the voltage. Well, if you've ever purchased an LED bulb before, you may have noticed that the wattage needed is much lower than an equally bright incandescent or halogen light bulb.

And, as a lower wattage is needed, a lower voltage is also essential to the functioning of the connected LED bulb(s). This is because, without a suitable driver, LEDs can suffer from thermal runaway and burn themselves out.

Thermal runaway occurs when the temperature of the bulb increases and the forward voltage of the LED subsequently decreases.

As a result, the LED draws even more current until it eventually burns itself out. To remedy this issue, an LED driver makes up for any changes in the forward voltage whilst still providing the LED with a constant current.

When Do I Need to Use a Driver?

In some cases, such as connecting several LED lights to a mains power supply, using a driver is unavoidable. However, we do provide LED lighting products both with and without an in-built LED driver. As you'll see in the image below, certain types of LED bulb have an incorporated driver.

Image of an LED showing it's built-in driver

On our website we offer a large range of drivers in an assortment of wattages, IP ratings and variations. So, you'll be sure to find the right one for all your LED lighting needs whether you're powering large quantities of LED strip lighting or powering a series of LED bulbs.

You'll also be inundated with drivers that are perfect for easily dimming suitable LED lights.

Although there is much, much more to learn about drivers, we hope this has helped you to understand a bit more about what LED drivers do and when you might need them.

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