For many people, their home is their castle. So, keeping our castles well protected is often high on our priority list! But instead of guards, moats and drawbridges, we now opt for alarms, gates and flood lights! For fantastic, bright floodlights that are perfect for stopping anyone who is up to no good, you need look no further than LED Monkey!

Here at LED Monkey, we believe it's important that our lights fulfil a function other than simply providing you with light. After all, a candle could do that (but we shudder to think how much it would cost in candles to keep that going). Our bulbs, fittings and fixtures will provide you with light. But, they'll also look stunning, keep your energy bills down, and even make your home safer!

What YOU Need to Know


The plethora of fabulous floodlights that we have on the site range from a shining 10 watts to a magnificent 300 watts! In general, the higher the wattage the more lumens it has, meaning it's brighter. So, if you're looking for a super-bright, all-encompassing floodlight, you can't go wrong with the 300W floodlight!

Peace of Mind

Not only can flood lighting give you extra reassurance, but it can even save you money! Yes, one clear way to lower your home insurance is to make your home safer and there's no better way to scare off any potential intruders than with some bright white light showing they're up to no good!

Warn off intruders with our flood lights!

Additionally, LED flood lights are ideal for positioning at the front of your house. Not only will you be able to welcome visitors into your home with some light to show them the way, but our flood lights will also serve as a great deterrent against car thieves and other assorted ne'er do-wells!

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Not to mention, some home insurance companies will take this additional level of defence into consideration when providing you with a quote (meaning you should have to pay smaller premiums) so make sure you mention them!

SMD AC Flood Light

Our SMD AC Flood Lights like the one pictured, start at 10W and end at 300W. They all produce a 6000K cool, bright white light as well as having a superbly high CRI of 80! This means that the quality of their illumination is very close to the natural light we enjoy from the sun, keeping the light penetrative and clear.

Robust & Long-Lasting

Another great feature of our flood lights is their high IP rating! With an IP rating of 65, you can be sure that these lights will endure no matter how crazy the British weather gets!

And endurance is certainly key here as the longevity of an LED is not to be sniffed at. As you can see from the chart below, LED outlasts traditional bulbs by more than 10X in some cases!

Average Longevity of Bulbs

As per the chart, the average longevity of an LED is 25,000 hours! In easy to understand terms, you could use the average LED bulb for 8 hours each day and it would only lose its optimum brightness after a momentous 8.5 years!

However, our range of SMD AC Flood Lights goes even further than the average LED bulb! They are guaranteed to give you 30,000 hours of cool, bright white light, so you won't need to replace them until well after a decade of high-quality protection.

Motion Sensing Technology

PIR Motion Sensor Flood Light

If you want something a bit more high-tech we even have a range of PIR motion sensor flood lights! Yes, these flood lights can detect movement from 15 metres away with an 180° radius for good measure. Thanks to this movement detection, the light will only turn on when (you guessed it) it detects movement. Ultimately, this means they'll last you even longer than the SMD AC basic range of flood lights!

Like all of our flood lights, this range also comes with a high IP65 rating that will ensure that the British weather won't affect it any way.

From Dusk 'Til Dawn

Or, if neither of these types of flood lights are what you're looking for we even have a range with the added benefit of photocell technology. But what exactly does this mean? Well, the photocell sensor itself detects fluctuations in the level of surrounding ambient light and then switches the LED bulb on and off accordingly.

Photocell Sensor Flood Light

Therefore, you can set to this flood light to come on a certain times of the day and turn off at others, but it will still turn on when it senses that it's too dark. You'll no longer be required to switch it on and off in the mornings, and when the sky turns cloudy and grey it'll know you might need a bit of extra light!

However, if your needs are commercial and not domestic, you may need something that has a little more movement and can survive a harsher environment.

Tough & Versatile

Built specifically for this purpose we have two rechargeable flood lights. One in a 10W and the other in a 20W variation, both are portable and boast an IP65 rating alongside a fantastic and eye-catching bright yellow finish!

Rechargeable Flood Light

This on-the-go light source is ideal for a host of situations from spreading some light on an emergency situation to making working outside in the dark winter afternoons a much easier task.

Like all of our flood lights, their design is sleek, compact and stylish. Each one of our flood lights serve as fantastic additions to any home or garden, so why not take a look for yourself here?

With so many to choose from, we know you'll find the right one for your own home and garden security needs on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we've shined some light on the flood light situation!

LED Monkey!

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