At this time of the year, you'll no doubt have your Christmas lights up and around your home and garden, making them sparkle and shine! Many of us love this Christmas tradition. However, it can all be rather expensive to run leading up to the big day (which is already an expensive holiday). Keep reading to find out how switching to LED this year could save you money for years to come!

LED vs Incandescent

LED is known to many as a less expensive alternative to the more traditional lighting types such as halogen and incandescent. Initially, it is more expensive to buy than its incandescent and halogen equivalents. But, thanks to its longevity and low energy use it can actually save you a heap of money!

To help show you how much you could save over the years, we've devised a little comparison. Our comparison shows two sets of typical Christmas lights that you might use on your tree or around your home. Let the battle of Christmas LED vs Incandescent lights begin!

Incandescent Vs LED Table

As you can see from the table, these two sets of Christmas lights are very similar. They have the same colour temperature, a magical Warm White colour that gives the room a fantastic warm glow which is perfect for Christmas.

How Do They Differ?

The main difference between these lights is that the incandescent set has only 50 lights while the LED set has 100. So, for the purpose of this comparison, we'll imagine that we want 100 lights meaning we'll buy 2 sets of the incandescent Christmas lights and only 1 set of the LED.

A winter evening street scene

This increases the initial purchase price of the incandescent set to £7.42. Whilst this is still more expensive than the LED set, we must also take into account how long each set will last us. After all, there's no point buying a set of Christmas lights if they're only going to last you one Christmas!

As a rule, the average lifespan of an incandescent bulb is much less than an equivalent LED. While we can expect an incandescent bulb to last up to 2000 hours, an equivalent LED will put this to shame with a 10,000 to 50,000 hour life expectancy. Even if we take the lowest value of possible LED longevity, they would still last 5x longer than the incandescent set.

So, if the incandescent lights last you three years, the LED equivalent set should last you a magnificent fifteen years! Plus, the initial purchase cost will be offset by the brilliant savings you'll receive as a result of the big difference between their power consumption.

You can achieve some fantastic savings on your Christmas tree lights!

Energy Consumption

As you'll have seen from the table, the incandescent set consumes a huge 28.8W of energy. LEDs however, use a mere fraction of this at just 2.1W.

As a result, the savings that you'll see on your energy bill will certainly be well-received!

Thus, for a very similar price to the incandescent set of lights, you can opt for LED instead which will last much longer. And, as an added bonus you'll continue to save money on them thanks to your reduced energy bill.

So, it seems that LED is certainly the victor in this comparison. But don't take our word for it. You'll see for yourself that lighting outlets across the world are opting for this cleaner, more energy-efficient lighting source!

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