When we think about our health, it's our weight, fitness and diet at the top of the list. But what about the parts of our body that we rely on to do the most basic, everyday tasks like our eyes! Little thought goes into keeping our eyes happy and healthy, yet we use them almost constantly. One way to treat them is to consider the type of light they're exposed to, and LED lighting is one of the best forms you can utilise! Keep reading to find out how!

Working using a bright screen in dark room is known to cause eyestrain

Nowadays, we spend more time looking at screens than ever before. In this age of technology we are surrounded by them at work and in our leisure time, from bingeing our favourite series on Netflix, to typing mounds of emails at work. All of this exposure to blue light can put a damaging strain on our eyes.

The Myopia Epidemic

This is even more alarming after the World Health Organisation predicted that, by 2050, 2 in 1 people will be shortsighted with record levels of myopia. Add to this the ever-increasing amount of time we're spending looking at our phones, computers and tablets and, collectively, our eyesight could really suffer.

This is because the light from working in front of a screen all day is naturally much brighter than the light in the surrounding room. As a result, your eyes have to work much harder to see. To reduce eyestrain, it's always a good idea to adjust your lights and lower screen brightness.

Additionally, many gizmos and gadgets are now being made with a 'blue light filter/shield' that's designed to alleviate the eyestrain which is the result of long periods spent screen-gazing.

Child looking at tablet

The (Startling) Facts

Recent research was conducted by Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) in 2018, to seek out the key areas of interest for light bulb consumers. The results show a big discrepancy between what people think about using eye-conscious lighting and the steps they take to actually incorporate such lighting into their lives/homes.

Signify found that:

  • The average person spends more than six hours a day looking at a screen.
  • Only 42% are currently using lighting that is softer on the eyes.
  • Just 32% of people across the world would consider the comfort of their eyes when buying lights.

A lady shopping for an LED light bulb

While only a third of the people from Signify's research would think about their eyes when purchasing light bulbs, a massive 74% of those in the survey concurred that the quality of light affects how comfortable their eyes are.

Despite this, only 28% would actually opt for a light bulb that's more comfortable for their eyes. And, less than 50% would actively search for a lighting option that had a positive effect on their eyes!

So, why are we SO reluctant to choose a lighting option that takes into account our eyesight?

Perhaps we overlook the amount of care that our eyes need, or perhaps the long-term damaging effects of a screen-filled lifestyle aren't yet apparent. However, one simple way to counter the looming negative effects on our eyesight is to make the switch to LED.

Why is LED Better than CFL for Eyes?

CFL bulbs are popular in offices and commercial properties, but being exposed to their light day in and out can be very bad for your eyes.

This is especially true of CFL bulbs in a 'cool' or 'bright white' colour temperature. These are among the most damaging to our eyes, emitting UV rays with a visibly blue-ish hue and flickering.

From the video below, you'll be able to see why people who are sensitive often suffer from headaches and eyestrain when working under CFL bulb light for long periods of time.

One way to address this issue is to consider switching to LED, both in your home and at the office. Reasons to make the swap include; LED's very minimal flicker, and their high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 80. This means they mimic natural light to a much closer degree than their rivals. Combined, this means that working under LED lighting is much softer on your eyes.

Philips EyeComfort LEDs

Philips EyeComfort Trademark

To further the beneficial effects on LED lighting on our eyes, Philips has even created a unique LED lighting range called 'EyeComfort LEDs'. This aims to reduce eyestrain even more than the standard LED and affords your eyes an extra level of comfort.

Besides the key elimination of flickering, Signify's EyeComfort LEDs also take other aspects into account. This includes glare, stroboscopic effect, photo-biological safety, dimming effects, tuning and colour rendering, meaning they are ideal for offices and working environments. After all, a healthy environment means healthy employees.

Great for School and the Office

Not only should commercial offices contemplate making the permanent switch to LED, but schools and the children that go to them could also stand to reap the rewards. Introducing LED lighting as opposed to CFL in schools could increase productivity and aid task-orientated work from a younger age.

A Signify convention in the Philippines heard from mother Kelly Misa-Fernandez, who said:

"Eyesight is one of the major concerns of moms like me when it comes to the well-being of my children. Our eyes’ health is critical to all of our daily tasks, whether that’s getting dressed, eating, moving around, or studying,"

She added:

"Eye care then, should rightly occupy a place on a parent’s list of concerns, as it’s incredibly important to both the child’s development and academic performance."

So, looking after our eyes is as much a priority for parents as it should be for everyone else. LED Monkey have a few quick and easy tips to help you take care of your eyesight.

LED Monkey's Top Tips to Reduce Eyestrain

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in front of a screen
  • Switch to LED Lighting
  • Spend more time outdoors - sit nearer to windows to allow exposure to natural light
  • Use a blue light filter on your phone/tablet/computer when possible

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