LED is a true triumph in lighting. It provides us with clear and high-quality light. AND it consumes much less energy to work at the same brightness! This is both beneficial for you, your pocket and the environment! But now, researchers may just have found a way to engineer LED light to make a difference in all aspects of human life! Read on for more info!

Engineered Light!

Jeff Tsao (who's pictured below) and his fellow researchers from Sandia National Laboratories published an intriguing article. The article was called "Perspectives" in Nature in late November 2018. Ever since, it has been challenging the way that we think about light and what it can do.

Jeff Tsao has high hopes for engineered light!  Images courtesy of Randy Montoya

Whilst we might view the current LED as a highly-developed and sophisticated piece of technology, the authors of the paper claim that "LED lighting is only in its infancy."

They continue;

"We now stand at the threshold of what might be called engineered light."

But what exactly do they mean by engineered light? Well, they believe that LED light could be intentionally controlled in time, space and spectral content! This means advances not only for our eyes and the light that they can perceive, but also for our health.

Engineered light is opening up new possibilities for human development in a wide array of useful areas!

LEDs have already been used and widely adopted in the professional medical sphere. This includes the treatment of bladder, eye and skin problems. Tsao and his fellow researchers continue with this line of thought.

In a similar way to how LED lighting is utilised to help conquer the mental and physical effects of SAD, they believe that further engineering of LED light will help regulate human health and productivity by controlling various hormonal responses.

Agricultural Growth

Alongside these advances, the researchers also cite the awe-inspiring way that LED light can be controlled to stimulate growth in the agricultural sector. Using tailored wavelengths and intensities, it can not only encourage plant-growth, but it can also cause them to alter their shape and increase their nutritional value. Ultimately, this would make indoor farming easier than ever before.

As you'll see in the picture below, red and pink LEDs have been shown to produce the best growth in plants.

A hothouse with agricultural cultures and LED lighting equipment.

And, of course, LEDs are most commonly known for their light-giving abilities, but even this aspect of the LED is open to innovation. As Tsao asserts:

"[T]he integration of LEDs with the internet of things [electronic circuits that can communicate with each other]" is now becoming increasingly widespread.

He adds:

"[This] is already happening with LED integration with electronics, sensors and communications," referring to the Smart devices that we are seeing more and more of on our shelves.

In total, the authors surmise that LED lighting and its inevitable growth could be of much more value to society than lighting homes and saving energy in the process.

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Introducing LED Monkey!

led monkey 8

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