If you haven't noticed, it seems that unicorns are popping up everywhere nowadays. For some, they are a common theme for home decorations and feature heavily at parties (unicorn cupcake anyone?). But even if unicorns aren't your style, you've still probably noticed the trend taking over shops.

Now, it seems the latest craze has been combined with LED lights to give you a range of unicorn-themed lighting products. Read this LED Monkey blog and discover how LED Light Takes on the Unicorn Craze

The Unicorn LED Light

Unicorn LED Light

Using just two AA batteries, this magical little light makes the perfect addition to your little one's (or your own) room! 

At the compact size of just 25cm X 16cm, this light makes the ideal addition to any area of your room. But we think it works brilliantly as a night light or mini lamp.

The pretty yet simple design features a pink, circular base that the glowing unicorn is elegantly perched upon.

Being sold by Matalan for the bargain price of just £3.50, this unicorn lamp is an absolute steal! So, you may want to check it out now before it's snapped up in the craze.

LED Light-Up Unicorn Headphones

LED Light-Up Unicorn Headphones

Who wants to listen to music using plain black headphones? Add a touch of mysticism to your headphone collection with these fantastic headphones. 

Not only do they feature the classic unicorn horn and ears, but they even light up!!  With a rainbow range of pastel-colours, these headphones simply scream magic.

Made by Accelerate, this musical accessory is great for any music lovers out there. You'll be the star of the show.

LED Light-Up Unicorn Headphones

With so many fantastic light modes to choose from, you can set these headphones to the exciting 'flashing mode' as you listen your high quality music!

According to Pretty52, the headphones are currently being sold at the great price of just £6.99 in Home Bargains. 

So, if you're a music AND a unicorn lover, you can't go far wrong with these!

Unicorn LED String of Lights

Unicorn LED String of Lights

Continuing with this unicorn theme, we have a stunning set of fairy unicorn lights. Available in either pink or a beautiful warm white, they look great strewn around a bed frame or mirror.

The 150cm long string of lights features 10 3D transparent unicorns. And, all these little LED glowing unicorns are battery-powered, using just 2 x AA batteries. 

Each of the unicorns contain a single, but bright LED bulb, making them even more magical. If you love these lights as much as us, you'll love them even more when you find out that your batteries will last ages thanks to the energy-saving qualities of LED lights.

You can check them out now on Glowtopia where you can purchase them for just £5.49. If this sounds like the deal of the century, take a look at them now!

LED Monkey!

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