Now we are in the midst of summer, you might be spending a lot more of your time outside. And often, the right LED lighting can make all the difference when you're relaxing in your garden. At LED Monkey, we're here to show you how you can turn dull and suffocating inside and outside spaces into buzzing and exciting areas ideal for entertaining or relaxing to make the most of those summer days and nights.

Cool White LED Lighting For Inside

modern kitchen

Unlike halogen or incandescent lighting, LED's possess the fantastic ability to produce several different colour temperatures. This ability comes in very handy when it comes to setting the mood in different rooms of your home. By way of illustrating, we find that task-orientated rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom really benefit from bright and penetrative cool white light.

This is especially useful in the summer when everything and everywhere can feel a little hot and stuffy! Freshening up your active spaces with this bright lighting will give you that boost of energy to get you through the day.

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Warm White LED Lighting For Outside

warm white lights outside

Whilst cool white lighting is ideal for those hot and muggy summer days inside, we love a warm white colour temperature outside. The warm white colour temperature has a fantastic warm yellow/orange glow that makes us reminisce about sunsets and cosy nights in.

This is why it's so perfect for your garden! It creates the effect of being on holiday, letting you relax to your heart's desire.

A large proportion of our outside lights are produced by high-quality manufacturer Collingwood. Their lights come with the option of not only a 3000K warm white colour temperature, but even a (2700K) ULTRA warm white temperature.

Yes, with this drop in colour temperature, these lights can make your garden feel even more inviting to guests and provide the perfect glowing illumination for hosting your sizzling summer soirées.

Introduce Some Colour to your Garden

Colour Changing garden lights

Or, if you'd like to add some more excitement to your outdoor spaces for those summer months, then why not add some much-needed colour? We have a huge range of LED outdoor lights that can be purchased in several different colours (amber, red, blue, green)! Alternatively, you could even splash out on some colour-changing lights and your own remote controller.

Lights that work best outdoors include our decking lights, spike lights, wall lights! However, we have many more LED products for you to choose from if you wish to browse the entire range.

As you can see from the image above, adding a touch of colour can really transform your garden. Our colour changing lights are for the people who like to party! They'll turn your garden into the ideal area to entertain guests.

Get Creative with Strip Lighting

strip light

At LED Monkey, we have a wide variety of fabulous strip lighting for you to peruse. It comes in a myriad of colours, widths, wattages, lengths and ingress protection ratings. So, you're sure to find the perfect kind for any home or business installation.

Due to the compact size of our strip lighting, it's ideal for installing into small spaces. As a result, it looks fantastic positioned underneath steps, highlighting the outline of a ceiling or even back-lighting your television.

At LED Monkey, you can purchase our strip lighting in handy plug-and-play kits of various sizes for easy installation. Or, you can purchase a specific length of strip light and pick the appropriate driver/power supply.

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