LED lighting is being rolled out on a global scale across homes, businesses and more! In recent years, the adoption of LED technology has proved that the benefits of LED come in many different forms, all of which you can enjoy when you make the easy switch to LED.

Switching to LED is proven to be good for the environment, your pocket and will look great no matter where you choose to install them. If you haven't already, let us show you how easy switching can be.

LED Light Bulbs

At LED Monkey, we have a HUGE range of LED light bulbs! The vast majority of these bulbs are directly retrofittable. This means you won't need to get an electrician to make any changes to your wiring, you'll simply be able to take out your old halogen or incandescent model and replace it with a brand new LED bulb.

Our most popular bulbs are the E27 and the B22-base bulbs. They are used all around the home and come in a variety of different styles, colour temperatures and abilities.

That's right, most of our light bulbs can be tailored to suit your specific room requirements. Gone are the days that LED light was consistently cold white, they now come in much warmer hues.

Indeed, some of our filament bulbs for example are available in a 2700K Ultra Warm White colour temperature which mimics the hue of traditional lighting. This is ideal for rooms that revolve around relaxation, such as the bedroom or living room

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the 6000/6500K Cool White that looks great in kitchens and bathrooms where you need bright, penetrative light. The middle ground is a 4000K Daylight colour temperature that mimics natural light, making it great for anywhere in your home.

Not to mention, LEDs are now dimmable. This makes switching super easy if you'd like to keep your dimming capabilities but benefit from all the wonderful LED advantages! However, should you opt for dimmable LEDs, you may need to replace your dimmer switch...

Dimmer Switches

Once upon a time, LED bulbs couldn't be dimmed, but now thanks to the huge advances in LED technology we have whole ranges of dimmable bulbs in various fantastic finishes.

If you've ever swapped some dimmable halogen or incandescent bulbs for retrofittable LED bulbs, you may have noticed that your original dimmer doesn't work as well or may not even work at all!

But don't throw the LED away, the bulb is fine! You may just need to purchase a different dimmer switch! This is because traditional dimmers (known as Leading Edge Dimmers) are now quite outdated and haven't kept up with the advancing technology of LED lighting. As a result, they don't effectively dim LED bulbs. 

So, to be able to dim your LED bulbs you'll need a LED-friendly Trailing-Edge Dimmer instead. This dimmer will effectively reduce the 240V mains supply to a 12 or 24V load that’s perfect for dimming LED lights and bulbs.

Whilst this is a fairly simple procedure, we always advocate getting an electrician to take a look if you don't feel confident enough to give it a go yourself.

Why Switch to LED?

make the switch

Despite switching being incredibly easy, you may be wondering why you should make the change at all? Well, there are numerous inviting reasons that we would love to share with you!

Fabulously Eco-Friendly

Firstly, LED lighting is much better for the environment due to its fantastic energy-saving capabilities. By way of illustrating, a typical halogen light bulb might use 42W of energy. However, a 10W LED bulb uses just a quarter of this energy to achieve the same brightness!

This provides you with a massive energy saving on just one bulb, so you can imagine the savings you'd make if you were to replace all the bulbs in your home to LED lights!

According to CBS, the average U.S household has 45 bulbs! Replacing all of these bulbs is sure to greatly reduce your energy bill, which is not only good for the environment but also for your pocket.

Marvellously Money-Saving

That's right, another big advantage of LED is the money you'll save! Whilst it's true that they are initially more expensive than traditional bulbs, they more than make up for this with their longevity, durability and energy-saving capabilities.

LED bulbs can last anywhere between 15,000-50,000 hours before you start to notice a dimming of their light. If a bulb has a modest 15,000 hour life expectancy and we use it for 8 hours each day, we would only need to replace it after just over 5 years!

Ultimately, you'll be spending that little bit more when you purchase them, but they'll repay you with years of brilliant illumination whilst also saving you time on replacing them and money on your energy bills.

Sumptuously Safe Lighting

Yet another reason to make the swap is that LED lighting is much safer! To start, they aren't made from easy-to-break glass.

And, if you've ever had the misfortune of touching a burning hot incandescent light bulb, then you'll know that it's not the most pleasant experience.

Keep children's inquisitive fingers safe and stay away from these hot (and very inefficient) light bulbs! Incandescent light bulbs only get this hot because of their startling inefficiency.

Outstandingly Efficient

Incandescent bulbs produce 80% heat and only 20% light! Which seems absurd for a light bulb. However, LEDs reverse this and produce 80% light and only 20% heat, this means they should never get too hot for you, or your curious children, to touch.

Not only does this efficiency make them safer for us to touch, but it also ensures that the bulb lasts longer. This, coupled with the hard plastic makes them much more durable than traditional, fragile glass incandescent bulbs. As a result, you can rely on LED bulbs to last years upon years.

Are you an LED Convert?

If we've persuaded you that switching to LED is not only easy, but also comes with many advantages, then why not take a look at our full product range now?

We have all sorts of LED products! From light bulbs of all bases and colour-changing strip lighting, there's something for everyone.

We even have a huge range of outdoor lighting which includes spike lights, bollard lights, wall lights and flood lights. You'll be able to transform your home from top to bottom with our fantastic lighting additions.

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