Have you ever lost track of the position of your favourite driver during a thrilling race? This problem may soon be solved, as Illuminated Wheel Rims are set to Feature in F1 During 2021 Season. So, read this LED Monkey blog to find out how Formula 1 is changing for the 2021 season...

According to RaceFans, draft 2021 regulations have detailed that each car must be fitted with no less than six display panels. These panels will surround the car, attempting to give the audience clearer information.

Two display panels are to be installed either side of the F1 vehicle fitted to the bodywork. The remaining four will be rotating LED display panels secured on each of the wheel rims.

Illuminated Wheel Rims

Below, you can see a rendering to show how the lit-up wheel rims will look on an F1 car. 

lit-up wheel rims

Currently, the World Endurance Championship uses similar lights to allow the audience to easily identify the position of a car during a race.

It is hoped that these panels will simplify the process of identifying cars and their drivers. Other uses for the panels include allowing spectators to see how many pit stops the drivers have made.

The Fans Mixed Response

On Twitter, the reaction to this news is varied. Some fans suggest that these lit-up additions are "not necessary", "stupid" and "madness" to name a few comments.

However, there are some fans that welcome the change. Comments include "I like this, I want this to happen" as well as "I back it, something like this."

Whether you think this is a great idea or a waste of time and money, let us know what you think!

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