LED lighting is known to have many useful qualities. Before, this has included providing us with brighter, more penetrative lighting but with all of the fantastic benefits of producing light for much less energy.  But now, LED can be used in many other types of application. Intrigued? Read this LED Monkey blog to discover how a Floating LED Installation Indicates Changes in Water Quality.

Floating LED river light

Floating on Manhattan's East River

Manhattan's East River is now home to a fantastic 15 metre X 15 metre floating LED installation. The installation is shaped like a giant cross and floats along the river attracting the attention of any passersby with its luminescence.

As well as looking visually stimulating, the cross has a very important job to do. The installation was put in place by PlayLab IncFamily New York, Floating Point, and Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory to track the condition of the water.

This installation is accessible to all and attention-grabbing. It aims to bring attention to the water quality of not only New York city, but all over the world. As concerns for the heath of the planet continue to grow amid mounting climate change protests across the world, installations like this have never been so important.

Floating LED light

Why has it been Installed?

Designed to represent the strides that the city of New York is making to improve their water quality, the plus is a symbol of positivity and progress for all who see it. Designer of + Pool Light and partner at PlayLab, Inc., Jeff Franklin, said;

"Conceptually it is also a symbol of inclusivity in that the water that surrounds us belongs to no one single group, but to everyone."

There's no doubt that the installation is visually captivating. But, despite being highly visual, it also has all the necessary technology to boot. It's installed with a Fluidion Alert system, which samples the water to determine the levels of salinity, toxins and harmful pathogens.

Floating LED river light

Blue LED Light = Safe Water

Used in conjunction with the alert system, the LED lighting has a very important role too. It acts as an indicator of unsafe water conditions for the public. When the system detects dangerous levels of pathogens in the water, it turns pink. However, when the conditions are safe, the light will return to its bright blue colour.

As well as helping the public to avoid unsafe swimming conditions, it will also highlight the frequency at which the water is too highly contaminated. Ultimately, bringing attention to the plight of the non-profit Friends of + Pool who commissioned the light installation.

On display until early January 2020, this installation is a fantastic example of energy-efficient LED lighting merged with technology. The overall effect is thought-provoking and aims to make a change.

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