GE 3.5W E14 Frosted Candle LED Light Bulb

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This GE E14 LED Frosted Candle Light Bulb is available in two different colour temperatures. The perfect replacement bulb for your existing incandescent E14 bulb, this LED consumes just 10% of the power for the same amount of brightness.

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Tick 10,000 Hours Life Expectancy

Tick 2 Year Warranty

GE 3.5W E14 Frosted Candle LED Light Bulb

LEDs are by far the most energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solution you can use in your home, and this E14 LED Frosted Candle Light Bulb from General Electric (GE) is no exception.

GE has been making high quality lighting products for many years and that’s why we supply them here at LED Monkey, rather than the substandard bulbs that are currently flooding the UK market.

Amazing Savings!

Consuming just a fraction of the energy required by a similarly bright incandescent light bulb, this superbly reliable LED will save you a considerable amount when used as a replacement. They’re available in two colour temperatures so you’ll be able to achieve exactly the right lighting ambience for your room.

We want to ensure that you purchase the E14 that emits the correct number of lumens for your space, so if you don’t think this 3.5-Watt/250 lumen model will generate enough brightness don’t worry as we also have a 5-Watt version that produces 470lm and a 5.5-Watt option that generates 470 to 500 lumens of brightness.

Each of the above LED options generates the same level of brightness as a traditional incandescent that sucks up 10 x their energy requirement, so you’ll achieve the same amount of brightness, for around 1/10th of the power!

To illustrate the savings this power reduction will afford you, consider using one 20-Watt incandescent equivalent bulb for 6 hours a day over the course of 1 year (2,190 hours). With the current cost of electricity in the UK you’ll pay £6.75 to run it.

This 3.5-Watt LED equivalent, on the other hand, would cost just £1.18 to run for the same amount of time, representing a saving to you of £5.57 by replacing just one bulb!

Which Colour Temperature is Right for You?

Unlike the majority of old incandescent bulbs, this 3.5W E14 LED is available in a choice of two colour temperatures. You’ll need to let us know which of the two you prefer, prior to finalising your order so, to make your choice a little easier we’ve created the little table below:

LED Colour Temperature

Ideal Location

Cool White (6500K)

Cool white LEDs produce a bright, clinical type of light that’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ultra-Warm White (2700K)

Ultra-Warm White LED light is mellow and relaxing. A yellowish light that is best suited to living rooms and bedrooms.

This LED bulb has an extremely high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 80 which means it will enable you to perceive colours and hues as they really are, and a Rated-Efficacy of 71 Lumens per Watt which is also very high. This LED candle bulb also has a very wide beam angle that will provide great light dispersal and a good standard for general illumination purposes.

Unlike a traditional type bulb that might be filled with poisonous mercury vapour and have a tendency to shatter or break at the slightest provocation, LEDs like this are robust and completely devoid of harmful elements. This, combined with the fact that they’re made from 100% recyclable materials, means they’re a lot kinder to the environment!

The Details

To find out more about LED lighting and to place your order for this GE 3.5W E14 LED Frosted Candle Light Bulb, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 999 7797 or e-mail us at:

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For all other enquiries you may wish to check out our very comprehensive FAQs page and don’t forget that we operate a 30-day returns policy to ensure your satisfaction with all our products!

And, to give you that extra bit of peace-of-mind going forward, this GE 3.5W E14 Frosted Candle LED Light Bulb comes complete with a full 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty as standard, unless otherwise specified.

More Information
Base E14
Bulb Style Candle
Lumens 250
Wattage 3.5W
Equivalent Wattage 35W
Colour N/A
Energy Rating A+
Diameter 35mm
Height 107mm
Life Hours 10,000
Dimmable No
Voltage 230/240V AC
Beam Angle 355°
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80
Warranty 12 Months
Certification CE, RoHS


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