Mi-Light Wifi Receiver 12-24V (Compatible Only With Mi-Light Products)

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This RGBW LED Wi-Fi Receiver and Zone Controller can be used to link your RGB and RGBW LED strips to your home Wi-Fi network via a smart phone or tablet. Gain full control over the colour-changing capabilities of your LED strips using the various modes and patterns it can achieve.

TickUse with 12V and 24V

Tick RGBW LED Wi-Fi Receiver and Zone Controller

Tick 20-Metre Radius

Tick 2 Year Warranty

RGBW LED Wi-Fi Receiver and Zone Controller 12/24V

Make the absolute most of your dimmable LED light bulbs, spotlights and RGBW LED strip lights by purchasing this Mi-Light RGBW LED Wi-Fi Receiver and Zone Controller from us here at LED Monkey!

Wi-Fi Compatibility!

When you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to use it to connect your lighting system to your home Wi-Fi network and then control your illumination via an app on your smart mobile phone or tablet! This will enable you to control your entire lighting system from anywhere in the world via the internet, an amazing feature that’s great for home security and energy-efficiency alike!

Indeed, having the ability to control your living room and bedroom lighting while you're away on holiday will definitely deter would-be burglars, as you'll be able to switch them on and off at the appropriate times from wherever you may be!

Huge Functionality

You’ll find full instructions about how to set up this system right there in the pack, and once installed you’ll be free to take advantage of its amazing functionality. Indeed, its many functions include a selection of lighting modes, as well as pattern speed, colour and light intensity or brilliance.

All you’ll require power wise are a USB connection from a laptop or an appropriate power adaptor from our wide selection. You’ll also be able to operate it using on of our selection of RF (Radio Frequency) Remote Controllers which are sold separately on this site.

Should you opt for this method of control, you’ll have a range of 20-metres within which to play around. That’s just over 65 feet, which should be more than enough space to be able to operate it from anywhere in your home (unless you live in Buckingham Palace, that is!), especially as RF devices don’t require a direct line-of-sight as IR (Infrared) controllers do.

RGB & RGBW LED Strip Lights

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to purchase some RGBW LED Strip Lights or spotlights to go with your new Wi-Fi enabled system. Remember, this receiver is designed specifically for use with RGB and RGBW colour-changing LED strips and we can heartily recommend the 14.4W RGB Colour LED Strip Lights!

Yes, with a lumen count of 1020 per metre, the 24V RGB 14.4W (60-5050SMD) LED Tape isn’t just bright, it’s long-lasting and incredibly energy-efficient, too!

That’s right, its brightness is the same as that of a 100-Watt incandescent bulb but it requires 85% less energy to power it! Indeed, if you were to run a similarly bright incandescent light bulb for 8 hours each day for a year it would cost you £45.00 at today’s energy tariff.

However, running a metre of the aforementioned RGB LED strip for the same amount of time would cost you just £6.48, which just illustrates the savings potential of LED lighting, doesn’t it?

Longevity Built In!

But the savings don’t stop there because LED strip lights also last a whole lot longer than both their incandescent and halogen predecessors – with a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, many years longer, meaning a long-term saving on replacement light bulbs!

Remember you’ll be able to run different lengths of RGB and RGBW LED Strip from this RGBW LED Wi-Fi Receiver and Zone Controller. With 12V tape you’ll be able to control up to 120-Watts while with 24V strip you’ll be able to control 240-Watts, so for larger installations we do recommend you go for the 24V option.

Give Us a Call!

To place your order for this RGBW LED Wi-Fi Receiver and Zone Controller. Or for any of our other LED lighting products, simply pick up the phone and get in touch with us on 0800 999 7797 or e-mail us at: sales@ledmonkey.com

You’ll also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where you’ll be able to leave us a message assured of a same-day reply.

For all your other LED lighting-related enquires, why not take a look at our comprehensive FAQs page where you should have no trouble finding all the info you need!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This product is both CE and RoHS certified and of very high quality, which is why we’re more than happy to offer it complete with a full 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty as standard, unless otherwise specified.

In the unlikely event that you’re not completely happy with this product when it arrives, please don’t think twice about calling us within 30 days to arrange for a replacement or a refund.

More Information
Controller Style N/A
Controller Function Mode Select
Controller LxWxH N/A
Receiver LxWxH N/A
Range 20 meters
Dimmable No
Voltage N/A
Maximum Load 12V<120W 24V<240W
Material Plastic
Waterproof Rating Non-waterproof (IP20)
Certification CE, RoHS
Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer N/A


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